About us


Sokora Jewels is a female-run and family-owned online South Asian jewellery business. We specialise in South Asian bridal jewellery and accessories. We also offer custom bangles and bridal sets. We pride ourselves on our customer care practices and excellent service quality. We are committed to working round the clock to meet every bride's needs to ensure she looks and feels her best on her big day.

Our Aims:

  • Sustainability - We use recycled fabric and cards in our packaging, re-purpose broken jewellery and prioritize reuse practices within the business to ensure minimal wastage. We also donate any defective jewels to charity.

  • Accessibility - Our business model caters to our values to serve all customers in the western part of the world

  • Representation - We want to include models from all walks of life, sizes, skin colours and Desi origins within our photo shoots to ensure everybody feels seen.

  • Efficiency - We aim to process all orders within 24 hours so our jewels can be in your hands ASAP!

  • Communication - Our Whatsapp Chat is open 24/7, offers a quick reply time from our work team and provides an easy channel to provide direct communication between our business and consumers. This is done so we can provide a seamless customer experience.

  • Problem-Solving - We always supply our best and honest advice to offer the most practical solutions to any potential issues so that we can exceed customer expectations. We encourage customers to reach out to us with any queries or issues.

  • Nurturing Talent - We place importance on cultivating a positive work environment for our team which encourages determined mindsets and provides opportunities for them to develop their desired skillsets.



It all started in July 2013. Our founder and creative director, Sonn, who had always had a natural flair for creative hobbies, felt unfulfilled in her 9-5 office job. She spontaneously decided to quit and pursue work she was passionate about. It was not too long after that she set up her first Etsy shop selling a small selection of jewellery. 9 years and 340,000+ social media followers and 3500 sq ft later Sokora Jewels still growing with the same passion! Supported by a lovely team of 9, who all have the same passion at heart.


Once an independent small bedroom project and after nearly a decade of work we have achieved: a new office space over 3,500 sq ft large, served our highest number of customers in 2022, working at 1000 orders a month, and we're planning to open new Sokora brands!



Being a known history geek, Sonn draws inspiration for our curated selection of jewels from historical portraits - from the 1500s to the Mughal era! Her creative eye is also drawn to looks from the British and Chinese royals and she incorporates these ideas into Sokora jewellery sets. Plus, after fulfilling thousands of bespoke orders from customers our team strategically draws on demand patterns from our customer base and experiments with these requests to create new pieces according to your visions!


FUN FACT: All jewellery sets are named after our customers to show our appreciation for your purchase!

FUN FACT: Our brand name Sokora is a combination of the first two letters of our founder (Sonn) and her 2 siblings names! - 'SO' 'KO' 'RA'.