Nadia Long Necklace set - Blue/Pink - SOKORA JEWELSNadia Long Necklace set - Blue/Pink

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Asmita Faux Kundan Set - Green - SOKORA JEWELSAsmita Faux Kundan Set - GreenNECKLACE SETS


Rubal Choker Set - Maroon - SOKORA JEWELSRubal Choker Set - Maroon


Vaali Mirrored Necklace set - Pearl - SOKORA JEWELSVaali Mirrored Necklace set - PearlNECKLACE SETS


Raveen Choker Set - Teal - SOKORA JEWELSRaveen Choker Set - Teal


Anchal Faux Kundan Set - Lilac - SOKORA JEWELSAnchal Faux Kundan Set - LilacNECKLACE SETS


Mona Choker Set - Teal - SOKORA JEWELSMona Choker Set - Teal


Freda Gift Box Set - Silver - SOKORA JEWELSFreda Gift Box Set - Silver

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